Tell us about your holiday plans!

One Front Porch is meant to be a place where you can come and share with friends and one of the places we love to do that (in real life) is on our front porch. It’s where friends and family gather and exchange pleasantries! So let’s do that here!
Stop by our porch and tell us a little about your holiday plans. Are you hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas? Traveling to see the grandkids? Going on a vacation somewhere warm & sunny?! (#jealous)

Welcome to One Front Porch, we’re glad you’re here!

Go ahead. Tell us about your holiday plans! And enter to win a $500 American Express card in the How Do You Holiday Sweepstakes! That would SURELY make those holidays a little merrier!


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Lisa B.
This Christmas my daughter and her boyfriend came home. We spent the whole holiday together including my other daughter who lives here her boyfriend and my granddaughter and my mother who lives with us. I made snacks for Christmas Eve and cooked a big dinner for Christmas Day.
Luann M.
Well this Christmas season we went to Florida. We shared the holidays with our kids and this year it just seemed more special. The tree, the decorations and the good ole cinnamon rolls. I love listening to Christmas music and just having my family around me
Barbara S.
We stayed home this year. Didn't go anywhere or do anything.
Melisa S.
My entire holiday plans are with my spouse and my family. My spouse make a duck so tender that everyone loves.
Barbara G.
Spent the holidays home alone with my young mentally challenged adult daughter. We spent it watching Christmas movies and enjoying each other's company.
Angela B.
Having kids rekindled my love for the holidays. It'll be a quiet night at home with the hubs and kids.
Getting together with family the day after Christmas.... Going on vacation in Jan. with my husband (he works retail so every Jan., he takes a much needed week of vacation).
Claudia L.
Having my family and a few friends over for Christmas dinner and to exchange apartment has been decorated since the end of November...that's a first for me...also gifts have been all wrapped and under the tree...yeah...hope everyone has a blessed Christmas...
Jacqueline M.
After spending time with family, I will continue working on my new Facebook Fan page Motherhoodish Nation. I'd love to have a girls' night IN, i.e self-care with friends and use the gift card to purchase drinks & snack for entertainment and plaster my page with pictures of the night. Motherhood is not where dreams go to die! I LIVE TO INSPIRE!
Keith L.
I will be honest, this Christmas is going to be totally different than the past 53 I have had. My wife has stage3 ovarian cancer and I pray she has a good christmas with our daughter and family. We have endorsed so many tears the past few months I wish for my wife to smile and laugh this Christmas!