How Do You Find Balance with Diabetes?

When you’re living with diabetes, balance is important—whether it’s balancing your diet, your lifestyle, or the emotional highs and lows that can sometimes accompany a frustrating glucose numbers day.

If you’re living with diabetes, what strategies have helped you find balance when it comes to your health? For example, have you discovered any useful diet-tracking tips, or a fitness pastime you’ve come to love? Has meditation been helpful? How do you relieve stress on days when no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get your glucose levels to even out?

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Mike V.
I've dealt with T1 diabetes since I was a kid. At first I did everything "by the book." But after awhile, you can see what works and what doesn't work for you. Now, I follow pretty much the same kind of diet I've always had, but don't really stay totally away from food with sugar in them. I just choose healthier foods that have the least amount of sugar, and recalculate my insulin dose to compensate. I also try to exercise every day. My strategies seem to be working. After 40+ years, I still have no complications!
Wendy K.
Although I myself do not have diabetes, my husband is type 2. It is hard because I find it hard to find things that he like that taste good to a meat and potatoes person. I do not really like that and cannot eat all that stuff since bariatric bypass. I eat small portions 5 to 6 times a day in which I try and get him to do the same thing and it is hard to get him to cooperate.
Lyle B.
I don't have diabetes but the doctors recommend I watch out and eat right. I guess they expect it to happen to everyone by a certain age.