Are You a Cold Weather Snowbird?

One Front Porch is meant to be a place where you can come and share with friends and one of the places we love to do that (in real life) is on our front porch. It’s where friends and family gather and exchange pleasantries! So let’s do that here!
Beach? Cruise? Europe? Ski Slopes? Tell us where you are (or wish you were) migrating to this winter?
Welcome to One Front Porch, we’re glad you’re here!

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Amy M.
I cuddle inside with my family. I do not like cold weather.
Kate S.
I'm one of those rare souls who happens to love fall and winter. :-) I get excited when October is getting close here in PA, so really, I enjoy my winters by being excited by snow. We *do* start craving a little warmth around March, so we've made that the month for our annual 11 day road trip to coastal Florida and it's working out well that way.
Michelle E.
I spend my winters here in Ohio. In tge future though I hope to spend part of the winter where its warm.
Rita J.
I'm pretty lucky ... I'm a permanent 'snowbird'. I live in north Florida and really don't get much cold any time of year. A couple days, here and there; then warm .. then 'hot'. I think sometimes there was a place to go for the opposite of a 'snowbird' ... lol. The heat and humidity are so bad sometimes ....
Patricia B.
I would love to be a snowbird, one day I hope to be ;)
Lori F.
Well we do not get much snow but I am so tired of the cold weather I would like to be able to live were the weather is warm most of the year
Mike V.
I live in NJ, and I don't know but the gulf stream or something must pass over the area, because our winters here aren't really that bad, as compared to other parts, like New England or the mid west or plains. And to tell you the truth, cold weather doesn't really bother me as much as snow & ice does. Living in the south with it's warmer climate would probably be nice, but I don't know if I could stand it all year long.
Lesa H.
I live in the south and even though it doesn't get real cold here, I stay inside. For years I have been cold natured while my family has been hot natured. Since I turned 40, I now freeze them out. So I have gone from cold to hot. Thanks menopause.
Wendy K.
In the house. I do not like the cold weather or snow at all. It literally hurts my joints. I would rather cozy up by a fireplace, if I had one. I like to play board games, drink hot chocolate, listen to music and watch movies in the cold weather months.
Michaela H.
Noooo, can't stand cold weather. I love it hot and preferably at the beach or at least a pool.