‘The Boomer Diet’: Whatever Floats Your Oats

We boomers find ourselves at an interesting crossroads in our relationship with food – we know we need to choose the “right” foods for our physical well-being but we still want the emotional connection and enjoyment in what we eat. 

We understand that eating well and staying active will help delay the inevitable impacts of aging such as a slowing metabolism, decreased appetite, health issues, diet restrictions or a combination thereof. While basic healthy dietary principles work for us too, sometimes we might not be getting enough of certain key nutrients, such as fiber, protein, calcium, and vitamin D.
And knowing what to eat is confusing with conflicting information about things like sugar, fat, carbs – often leading us to walk away from foods (like oats) that have health benefits they need now more than ever.
In fact, oats are a great food for us – and everybody else! They deliver important nutrition including fiber which helps support heart health and digestive health, vitamins and minerals and provide energy. And, because they are so versatile, it’s easy to transform oats beyond a standard bowl of oatmeal into something flavorful and exciting.
While oats themselves provide several essential nutrients, simple additions can make them even more nutritious. Make oatmeal with low-fat milk to provide protein, calcium, and vitamin D, which help support bone and muscle health. Toss in some berries to plus up the fiber. Drink a glass of orange juice with oatmeal to add vitamin C to breakfast.

So do you eat oats? Tell us your favorite way to incorporate the right foods into your diet!

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Victoria H.
One of my favorite travel trips is to pack whole oats for a quick and filling breakfast while traveling. I measure a serving of dry oats into a small plastic bag for each day of a trip where I won't have other breakfast plans. I add a bit of cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, allspice, or other spice for flavor. I sometimes add some raisins or craisins as well. When I am in a hotel room, it is easy to get hot water straight from the beverage station in the hotel or to run plain hot water through the in-room coffee maker, then mix it with my oats. It is a quick, inexpensive way to get a nutritious, healthy breakfast at pennies per serving!
Michelle E.
I try and eat Quaker oats at night before bes so that my digestive tract worka
Lisa N.
I add oats, berries, nuts and seeds to my yogurt in the morning! Delicious!
Victoria M.
I do eat oats I also make fantastic cookies with them! :)
Susan W.
I eat my version of overnight oats most mornings. Too lazy to prepare ahead...i mash a banana, add diced crystallized ginger, 1/2 cup Quick Oats, 1/2 cup milk and take it to work. Yummy and filling!
Mary B.
I came here looking for an insta-pot granola recipe I heard about. I cannot find recipes on this site... where to look??
I love Quaker Brown Sugar and Maple Oatmeal and try to eat it for breakfast at least four times a week.
Patricia G.
oats with water, agave,cranberries,walnuts . My breakfast
Patti G.
I love to eat instant oatmeal and often find myself having that for supper instead of a big meal. One very healthy thing that I do is sprinkle my oatmeal with Organic ground flax seed (about 2 tablespoons). It's helpful in lowering triglyceride levels according to my doctor. I find that it doesn't change the flavor or texture of my food and enjoy doing one more "healthy thing" when prepping meals. You can put ground flax seed on just about anything including putting it on top of your soup.
Luann M.
I love oats. Sometimes I just eat them out of the container. I love the taste of steel cut oats the best and it helps that they are good for us