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A Hop Down Nostalgia Lane

Easter candy always holds a special place in our heart. See some of our favorites and share your own.

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4 Earth-Friendly Items for Your Garden

Get ready for Spring with these fresh gardening ideas.


Finding Balance with Diabetes

Share the strategies you've developed to deal with diabetes and see what others have to say.

Caregivig Hacks

Caregiving Hacks: Watch & Share!

This video shares some great ways to make caregiving tasks easier.

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Quaker Sweepstakes

Vote for a Chance to Win!

What’s your favorite Quaker Oats recipe? Tell us and you could win an I Heart Quaker Oats gift pack valued at $500!

Quaker Recipes

Our Favorite Healthy Quaker Oats Recipes

Will you try the Quick Fruit & Oat Breakfast Bake or the Chia Berry Swirl Oats? Decisions are the worst!

Happy Holidays

Make Your Holidays Brighter!

Tell how YOU holiday and you could win a $500 AmEx Gift Card!

holiday plans

Tell us a little about your holiday plans!

Let us know what you're going to do to liven up this holiday season.


Tight Holiday Budget?

Use Those Old Gift Cards to Knock Out This Year’s Gift List!

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'The Boomer Diet': Whatever Floats Your Oats

Oats are a great food for Boomers and are easy to incorporate into your diet.


Travel Mistakes Unwrapped

Check out some lessons I learned while traveling with holiday gifts.

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Pull a Fast One on your Taste Buds!

It's surprisingly easy to create full flavor dishes while staying healthy.